Where it all began…

In India, they say, if you are born as a human then you sure have too many sins to pay for. Being born as an insect or any other unimportant tiny little creature on earth is considered a far better option than being born as a “HUMAN BEING“.

If you ask me to dissect the word “Human”, according to me it shall mean “Hum and “Aman“; which in India means “We” and “Peace” respectively; thus “Human”. But, do we really stand for that? There is seldom a We you come across, its always I, me, myself and being in Peace with the other human has always been a task. Have we really ever wondered why?

Let’s just take an example of a family consisting of 4 members (since “Nuclear Families” are the trend these days). How many times has it been that there exists something called “consensus ad idem” amongst the 4 people? There is chaos every moment, sometimes in the minds of the respective people or sometimes out loud. How easy do you think it is to take decisions where apparently all would agree without an argument? It never really happens! Why?

Each one of us have a different set of values, core beliefs, perspective differs and the ability to comprehend something varies as well. All this and much more are triggers enough to blow up your mind and take you on chaos land, where things just entangle with each other and the wiring in your brain goes all haywire.

The moment you are born, you have the ability to think and comprehend and that spoils it all, trust me! We think like, oh that infant is having such a gala time, pissing in his diapers, crawling, eating, puking, playing his time away and most importantly, sleeping all the freaking time. But do you also know, kids can process every freaking thing they see or listen to? How do you think a child develops liking towards music and taps its feet each time its favorite song is played? That is because, its brain tells it that you like this kind of music and this will help you entertain yourself and the rest so go ahead and start dancing. Good habits, interests, hobbies, liking, disliking, all of this shit is inculcated in the child from the very first minute that he arrives in the arms of its mother / father / any other person. The only thing that matters here is that when you are that tiny, the magnitude of impact that your decisions will have are negligible; they still do impact the people around you, but not as much as it will when you gradually grow up. That’s the first step you take into the chaos in your mind, in your life.

But, what really is the outcome of fighting all that chaos? The child dances to its favorite song, its happy, it makes him elated. After all that fighting inside your head, that no i like this music, no i like that; you do arrive at a decision that helps you be happy; i.e. your favorite music. This favorite music of yours is going to help you deal with so many issues later in life; this music is going to make you feel better in all those days when you feel blue and that feeling i guess is worth all the chaotic equations that you need to solve.

They say, if you have it easy there is no fun to it, there has to be some turbulence just so that when you finally get there, you can have the cake and eat it too. Chaos is a part of life, there is not one thing you do in a day that does not involve chaos. In fact, if you ask me, life itself is nothing but chaos. You have people, creatures, relationships to handle, feelings to feel, problems to deal with, bills to pay, groceries to buy, that asshole boss to work under, that annoying little snobbish co-worker of yours, so on and so forth. But if you really think it through, at the end of all this, when you finally overcome the chaos, what you feel is peace; peace of mind and the heart, and I guess that’s what makes it so much more better an experience to have.


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton